Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV QA55S95DAULXL (Graphite Black)

Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV QA55S95DAULXL (Graphite Black)51uZfwhC4mL51riNSmD9bL41hISW18mCL31OoMHqo+JL51IbcKEywHL516GuIp+AnL51UZzSz9cuL41+cnJHsKjL21rGHUF7fBL41TjcRpvmkL31qO TEMa6L
Price: ₹2,34,900 - ₹2,04,990.00
(as of Jun 06, 2024 01:32:51 UTC – Details)

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S95 Banner Top 4 OLED Glare Free OLED Glare Free

Our anti-glare technology significantly reduces glare coming from external light sources, enabling you to view OLED’s brilliant black and color expression without distracting reflections

OLED OLED (Deep blacks, clean whites and lively colors)

Expresses deep blacks, clean whites and a full range of lively colors. With cutting-edge self-illuminating pixels, what you see is a picture that’s pure, bright and more accurate than ever before

Expert Caliberation Expert Calibration

Enjoy accurate color reproduction that’s true to the original content. Thanks to our Expert Calibration, you get high-fidelity colors that adapt to even the subtlest changes in shades

Knox Security Samsung Knox Security

Your privacy is now secured on Samsung TVs. Your sensitive data such as pin codes or passwords are protected by multiple layers of software and hardware


More powerful brightness and richer contrast fully enabled in every pixel

Experience majestic viewing as every pixel creates brighter brights and darker darks. OLED HDR Pro gets up to 70% brighter than OLED HDR+, so you get richer contrast enabled further by our NQ4 AI Gen2 processor that dynamically tone maps every scene to maximize your viewing pleasure

NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor

Feel the full power of AI in 4K

Our NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor creates an unparalleled 4K experience. Powered by 20 AI neural networks, upscaling technology optimizes picture and sound into a 4K experience when you stream OTT services, play video games or watch live sports. And with unique technologies like perceptional color mapping and OLED brightness booster, you watch in unrivaled brightness, color, contrast and detail

4K AI Upscaling

Upscale content into a 4K experience

Our 4K AI Upscaling technology powered by 20 AI neural networks transforms content into near 4K resolution

Infinity One Design

Absolute beauty found in minimalism

Don’t compromise elegance for an immersive viewing experience. This gorgeous Infinity One Design takes sophistication to the next level with its impossibly slim profile

EyeComfort Mode

An intelligent picture optimized for your eyes

Samsung’s unique EyeComfort Mode automatically adjusts your display’s brightness and colors according to the time of day. After sunset, the screen settings are softer on your eyes

Samsung TV Plus

The best of TV. All for free

Watch free TV channels that cover diverse genres like news, entertainment, sports and more – without other apps or a cable/set-top box

Pantone Validated Enjoy authentic color validated by PANTONE

PANTONE validation certifies accurate expression of 2,030 PANTONE colors, 110 newly added skin tones

Real Depth Enhancer Depth perceived just as a person’s eyes would

Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how human eyes process depth by increasing contrast in the foreground. Feel an enhanced sense of realism, as your TV recreates depth just as a person’s eyes would

Motion Xcelerator 144Hz Get motion clarity for the game content you love

Motion Xcelerator 144Hz delivers ultra-smooth action without lag and motion blur. You can enjoy crisp visuals and blazing-fast speeds for VRR games up to 4K 144 Hz

Freesync premium pro FreeSync Premium Pro

Built on AMD FreeSync core technology to reduce stutter and screen tearing, FreeSync Premium Pro provides a true HDR gaming experience

Active Voice Amplifier Pro Active Voice Amplifier Pro

AI-powered audio enhancement technology makes dialogue crystal clear by analyzing background sounds, voice clarity and ambient noise to isolate voices from other sounds

360 Audio mode 360 Audio mode

Paired with Galaxy Buds, 360 Audio Mode makes sounds from your TV feel more realistic

Dolby Atmos

Next-level Dolby Atmos with top channel speakers

Enjoy a next-level surround sound experience that immerses you deep inside the action. With Dolby Atmos, OLED delivers multi-dimensional audio for unbelievably realistic sound.


TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony

Q-Symphony technology allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for a better surround sound effect, without muting the TV speakers


Dynamic, realistic sound that tracks every action

With 4.2.2ch built-in speakers and AI-powered action-tracking sound, you can experience vividly realistic 3D audio that puts you in the middle of the action

Adaptive Sound Pro

Authentic sound as the artist intended, remastered with AI audio processing

Adaptive Sound Pro optimizes sound by considering the characteristics of both your room and audio content. Experience improved voice clarity and vivid yet balanced sound just as the creators intended, thanks to AI audio processing that extracts and processes sound objects

SmartThings Do the SmartThings!

Optimize your home devices into a smart lifestyle tailored to your needs

Samsung Daily+ Manage your daily activities and lifestyle

Tizen OS’s open app ecosystem, Daily+ and services like SmartThings, Workspace and more

Multi View See it all on one screen

Watch what’s on TV and your mobile on the same screen at the same time on a layout of your choice

Solar Cell Remote Cleaner, Greener, Better

Say goodbye to disposable batteries and embrace sustainable power

3D Map View Control center of your home and IoT devices

Better manage your home by intuitively monitoring and controlling your home appliances & IoT devices

1 SmartThings 2 Samsung Daily+ 3 Multi View 4 SolarCell Remote 5 3D Map View

AI Auto Game Mode

Experience seamless gaming with AI-driven automatic setting optimization

Let your TV automatically detect the type of games you play, delivering game settings for each game type. Free yourself from the hassle of setting up games and play

Game Bar

Optimize your gaming experience

Bigger and wider TV screens with 21:9 and 32:9 ratios give you expansive views and a heightened gaming experience. Optimize your gameplay even more with Game Bar for easy access to various game settings

SmartThings Hub

Seamlessly connect your smart devices with your TV

With a built-in SmartThings hub in your TV, you can seamlessly connect and control smart devices compatible with Matter and HCA standards, without needing any additional device. You can even get notifications about the status of your smart devices straight from the TV screen

AI Energy Mode

Saves energy with intelligent analysis

Energy saving is made easy with SmartThings. By turning on AI Energy Mode, your TV auto-detects surrounding light levels and analyzes usage behaviors to adjust the brightness, which helps in reducing overall energy consumption. It also analyzes TV content scene-by-scene to subtly adjust brightness where possible, to cut down on energy consumption

A clutter-free solution that attaches to your TV

Whatever your installation environment, Attachable One Connect helps you to minimize cable clutter

Connectivity : 4 Hdmi Ports For Seamless Connectivity With External Devices | 3 X Usb-A, 1 X Usb-C Usb Ports To Connect Hard Drives Or Other Usb Devices |Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | Anynet+ (Hdmi-Cec)| Ethernet (Lan) Port| Digital Audio Out (Optical)| Rf In (Terrestrial / Cable Input / Satellite Input)
Sound: 70W Output- 4.2.2CH | Powerful Speakers with Dolby Atmos | Q-Symphony | Bluetooth Audio | Active Voice Amplifier | Buds Auto Switch
Smart TV Features : Bixby | Far-Field Voice Interaction | Web Browser | SmartThings Hub / Matter Hub / IoT-Sensor Funtionality | HomeEasy Setup
Display: Perceptional Color Mapping | Neural Quantum Processor 4K | OLED HDR Pro | HDR 10+ | HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) | Self-illuminating pixels | Perceptional Color Mapping | Ultra Viewing Angle | Real Depth Enhancer | Motion Xcelerator 144Hz | Film Mode | Expert Calibration | 4K AI Upscaling | Filmmaker Mode
Warranty Information : 2 Year Warranty (1 Year Standard Warranty + 1 Year additional warranty on Panel from the date of purchase)

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