Cellcronic Solar Air condition 1.5 Ton Split (White)

Cellcronic Solar Air condition 1.5 Ton Split (White)41X NSOL1wL41UNIDMuy8L
Price: ₹51,999.00
(as of Jun 03, 2024 02:09:41 UTC – Details)

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Cellcronic AC’s are designed in such a way that there is no jerk load because of fluctuations in electricity. Technology is adapted to provide you the AC which is free from jerk load. Jerk Load may cause damage to the appliance and become a burden on your pocket. But with Cellcronic AC’s you won’t have to face any issue like this. Run On Inverter Cellcronic AC’s are capable enough to run on Inverter. Our motto is to provide relief from heat in summers to you and your loved ones. Technology is used which support AC to run on Inverter. Electricity availability won’t affect your comfort. Your Comfort is our topmost priority. Now Electricity shortage will not come across your comfort. Low Power Consumption Air Conditioner usually consumes more power but on the other hand, Cellcronic Ac’s are built in such a way that they consume less electricity. Less power is used by AC as compared to other brands. 100% Pure Copper 100% Pure Copper is used in Cellcronic ACs which makes you feel like you are in heaven. Our AC is designed in such a way that it consumes heat more through copper and provide you relief from extreme hot. Pure Copper will consume heat and provide you cool and fresh air. Assured Cooling Cellcronic AC assures 100% cooling and are built to keep the system running on peak level. We provide a comfort zone where the house feels like home.We assure that our AC will not break down in a hot month and will be going to provide relief from heat in hot summers. With cooling, Our AC will lower your electricity bills with reliability and durability that makes your investment to be worthy. Eco-Friendly AC provides harm to the environment but Cellcronic AC uses latest technology where environmental concern is picked at topmost priority. Cellcronic AC’s are imported from Dubai and are build in a way where environment is protected without going out of our comfort zone.
Run On Inverter. 4 way Swing. Turbo Cooling
Low Power Consumption
100% Pure Copper
Assured Cooling

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